Our Services

Stirnco's strength is our ability to translate a business's needs into the most cost-effective design solution. Quality of initial construction is emphasized to avoid long term maintenance costs and headaches. Stirnco is a "high caring," not a "high volume" company. If this approach is attractive to you, we invite you to explore our site and call us with any follow up inquiries.

Stirnco has been designing and building industrial construction projects for a select and discriminating group of business customers since 1980. Past projects, from southern Oregon to Fairbanks, Alaska, have incorporated new buildings ranging in size from 4,000 sq. ft. to 80,000 sq. ft. Designs include pre-engineered steel buildings (Stirnco is a Nucor Building Systems Dealer), structural steel, CMU, tilt-ups, insulated tilt-ups, glass, steel stud and wood framing systems.

General Contracting

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We will manage your project from beginning to end. We will select trade contractors, e.g. electricians, plumbers, painters, who will provide fair pricing and stand behind their work. We will supervise them throughout the project to make sure they understand what is wanted from them, and that their workmanship will meet our requirements and our customer’s requirements.

General Contracting is more than simply picking and herding a bunch of “low bid” contractors through a project. This approach will never lead to the kind of long term low maintenance facility and customer satisfaction our clients are seeking. When we finish a project we want future call backs to be an absolute minimum, and NOT at the expense or inconvenience of our customers. A completed facility should never be the focus of our customers ‘ attention. Using the facility for its intended purpose should be.


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Every building needs a new roof eventually. Because we specialize in metal buildings, we also have expertise in re-roofing these buildings. We have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of new roofs, sometimes replacing an existing roof, sometimes installing a new roof over the top of an existing roof. We can also install a long life metal roof over a more conventional hot tar roof that has reached the end of its life.


Build to Lease

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Some companies prefer to lease a facility rather than own. If that is you, we can help arrange for a “build to suit” lease package. We’ll locate property suitable for your business and negotiate a long term (7 year minimum) lease for a development meeting your specific business needs.



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Most of our projects are “design-build”. Once we understand the purpose of your new facility and your approximate budget for construction, we quickly analyze any planning or building code issues that might impact your project and provide initial design and costing information to help guide you towards a final building solution.

We have been successfully providing this service for 30 years and it is a big reason we have been successful. You eliminate many potential up front costs, you reduce your design time and service fees, and you get what you want more quickly and at a lower cost. You win when you work with us.

Repair and Remodel

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Buildings get old and building needs change. Need another overhead door opening? Need to replace existing siding with new materials? Need an addition to an existing building? Truck run into your building, causing structural or cosmetic damage?

Whatever the need, we have the capacity to perform this work in-house with our own personnel. We would be happy to discuss any future remodel/expansion/repair needs.